FAA: FAA Streamlines COAs for UAS Test Sites

The Federal Aviation Administration has made it simpler for the six unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) test sites to conduct research by giving them “blanket” authorizations to fly public aircraft operations throughout the National Airspace System… Read More

Delivery Drones at Last?

Gizmodo reports on Delivery Drones. Will we see them soon? FAA contemplates relaxing the “line of sight” rule.

FAA Lowers Barriers to Low-Altitude Drone Operations

The Federal Aviation Administration has dropped most of the filing requirements for low-altitude unmanned flights, dramatically reducing the per-mission paperwork for commercial drone operators holding special waivers. Read more.

FAA Lowers Barriers to Low-Altitude Drone Operations

FAA warning letter chilling to Lutz drone owner

TAMPA — Jayson Hanes likes to fly his drone over the Tampa Bay area and record stunning videos of downtown Tampa, cruise ships, boat races and construction projects. Anything and everything. His $1,000-plus DJI Phantom… Read More