Netted Enclosure Testing: Flight Plan Testing

flight-testInitially UAS property inspections can be flown manually over properties with ideal characteristics such as minimal obstructions and simple roof lines.  Even under these circumstances it will require a skilled operator that can navigate around a structure, maintain an appropriate distance to achieve the required image resolution, while ensuring that they have complete coverage of the structure.  In addition, the operator needs to ensure that the UAS stays inside the lines of the property owner’s parcel so it is not trespassing on a neighbor’s property (depending on air right laws).  When considering medium to high winds this quickly becomes a difficult task.

Property-centric flight planning used in conjunction with a UAS equipped with GPS and various object sensor technologies can significantly reduce the burden on the operator.  A property-centric flight planning solution would map out a plan to automate the UAS flight and ensure complete coverage of a given property and all the structures on it.  The operator could then focus on the safety aspects of the flight.

A netted enclosure the size of a small parcel allows flight plan testing that has been customized for a property and/or structure.  It creates a controlled environment to ensure that a UAS executing an errant flight plan will not fly off.