Netted Enclosure Testing: Imaging

imaging-testInitially UAS property inspections may focus on capturing damage for claims in the RGB visible light spectrum but more advanced applications may implement multi-spectral, thermal and various other sensor technologies.  Much of this testing can be done indoors under controlled lighting conditions and outdoors with feet on the ground but ultimately imaging sensors will need to be tested outdoors and in flight.

Testing outdoors is required to see how imaging systems perform in real-world, uncontrolled lighting situations.  Flight testing imaging sensors is required to see how the sensor is affected by vibration, radio frequency (RF) noise and supply voltage ripple.  In addition it is important to evaluate sensor cycle time and sensitivity under various lighting conditions.  This will help determine how fast the UAS can move during a capture to ensure coverage and mitigation of motion blur.  Focus and optic performance also need to be tested to verify any applicable depth of field given the operating distance between the UAS and a structure under inspection.

An outdoor netted enclosure is ideal for this kind of testing because it allows natural light through.